Info: Saddle Care

Each one of our saddles is an exceptionally fine piece of European craftsmanship. All of the raw materials used are carefully selected and represent highest international standards. You will be repaid many times for giving your saddle the best of care. The care method found to be the most effective is as follows:

* Your saddle should be given a complete wipe-down every time it is used. Surface dirt can be removed with warm running water and a clean sponge.
* Clean your saddle thoroughly with a glycerine saddle soap or a mild pH neutral cleaner at least 6-8 times a year .
* Allow the saddle to dry at normal room temperature, never in the sun or under intense heat. Then apply a leather conditioner, preferably containing beeswax and natural oils, but free of petroleum distillates. Let the conditioner penetrate deeply into the leather. IMPORTANT: Do not over-applicate conditioners and oils, as leather can only absorb so much before a sticky build-up will clog the leather's pores.

Once the leather has been cleaned and conditioned, let it dry completely. Then buff it to a shine with a clean cloth.

Courbette Saddle Care

Conditioning your saddle regularly will minimize bleaching from sunlight and preserve the color underneath the stirrup leathers, especially on BLACK and DARK BROWN saddles. Using a saddle cover when the saddle is not being used also will preserve the color of the leather. 

If a saddle is used constantly, it will require these steps more often than a saddle used only occasionally. Remember, if you want lasting service and comfort from your saddle, take care of it and it will give you many years of riding pleasure.

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