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By the time a rider gets to see the saddle, the most important part is hidden. It is the saddle's TREE that determines strength, durability and riding comfort for horse and rider. At COURBETTE we are very proud that both our SWISS and GERMAN lines of saddles are built on SPRING TREES far superior to other trees. When you choose a COURBETTE saddle you know that the foundation is a spring tree that protects your investment and ensures your riding pleasure for many years to come.

We have just introduced our new E-MOTION concept to all our SWISS MADE SADDLES. The E-MOTION is an integrated spring tree and panel system like nothing on the market today. It is a COURBETTE / LEMETEX exclusive.

This new spring tree with an advanced 2-component design features a low-pommel and a semi cut-back head. The unique AIR ZONE cushion provides unparalleled flexibility and impact absorption. The soft cushioned seat with a lower center of gravity is our most comfortable yet. It allows for a wider range of E-MOTION and assists with the aids. The tree will flex at all points of pressure. Only one tree width is necessary. On wide-backed horses you can see the tree points in the front flex and adapt to the horses conformation. This spring tree is very light in weight, immune to extreme heat or cold, and retains its shape. The safety stirrup bars are recessed to eliminate the annoying bulk of stirrup leather buckles.

Lemetex Spring Tree - In Swiss Saddles



Our GERMAN MADE SADDLES are built on a "FEDERBAUM" spring tree. The frame of this tree is reinforced with forged steel plates in the pommel and gullet areas for added strength and shape retention. Two diagonal steel springs counteract the cantle's and pommel's tendency to rise with the rider's weight pressing on the webbing. It allows the saddle to flex at any place along its entire length to accommodate the movement of the horse. Two very strong nylon webbings are strained on the tree from front to back, and three webbings run from side to side to form the foundation of the seat. The front billets are attached separately on a double strength piece of nylon webbing. The narrow twist ensures that the rider's legs are not forced apart excessively, and the knees and thighs find the necessary contact to the horse. This spring tree with semi cut-back head is available in eleven tree widths, giving us the opportunity to fit virtually any horse. The safety stirrup bars are recessed.
Federbaum Spring Tree -  In German Saddles


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