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Jumping / Forward Seat  (S)

All - Purpose Jumping  (VSS)
Jumping / Forward Seat (S)
All - Purpose Jumping (VSS)

This deep seated saddle style is designed for Jumping and Fox Hunting, or any type of riding in short stirrups. To accommodate the rider's short leg position, the flaps are extended forward. Forward Seat jumping saddles are normally fitted with concealed knee rolls or jumping blocks for support while jumping. The flaps usually have leather covered knee inserts for better grip and comfort.

As the name implies, this deep seated saddle offers a more versatile flap design. It is an all-purpose saddle with a tendency towards jumping. The rider is not limited or restricted to using this style strictly as a jumping saddle. The less forward curved flaps are slightly longer than on the Forward Seat saddle, which allows the rider to lengthen the leg position somewhat when not jumping. The primary purpose of this saddle is Jumping, but it is suitable for trail riding and work on the flat. This saddle style usually has concealed knee rolls or jumping blocks. Flaps with leather covered padded knee inserts provide a better grip and comfort.

Dressage  (D)
All - Purpose  Dressage / Eventing  (VSD)
Dressage (D)
All - Purpose
Dressage / Eventing (VSD)

Dressage saddles have the deepest seat of all deep seat models. Close contact with the horse through the seat is important to the rider. Flaps on Dressage saddles are straight, narrow and long to allow the rider's vertical leg position. Self-covered padded knee inserts are preferred, with short or long billets optional. Short billets fit more snugly on the horse, and the girth can be re-tightened while in the saddle. Long billets keep the bulk from girth and buckles below the rider's leg.

This style is best known as an ALL-PURPOSE or GENERAL PURPOSE saddle, and is the most popular and versatile of all deep seated saddles. It combines several styles in one saddle. The flaps are cut long enough to be used for Dressage and work on the flat. The knee areas are curved forward enough to allow the rider to shorten the stirrup leathers, so two to three feet high jumps are possible. Concealed knee rolls aid the rider in this task. The flaps have self-covered knee inserts. This style is a very good all-around pleasure saddle, ideal for 3-day eventing, cross country, or trail riding.

Show Jumping  (Close Contact)
Child / Youth  and Pony Saddle
Show Jumping
(Close Contact)

Child / Youth / Pony

The close contact saddle is primarily designed for Hunter / Jumpers, mostly for arena and stadium jumping. The flatter seat with square cantle allows the rider to get out of the saddle with ease. The flaps are short and cut forward to the knee area to be ridden with a short leg to attain a proper jumping position. On show jumping saddles the flaps are either plain, or come with soft padded knee areas.

The introduction to ponies and their first time in a saddle are dramatic moments for children. They should start with a secure saddle that fits ponies well and cradles the young rider. Child and Pony saddles should incorporate safety features, such as a secure and balanced seat, uncompromising fit, recessed safety stirrup bars, chrome leather billets and soft padded knee areas for comfort and safety. Lasting quality of full grain leather allows the saddle to be passed from generation to generation of juniors. Your investment in a quality saddle will maintain a great resale value.

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